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Yea, I do quite a bit.


Learn that this mysterious and talented person really isn’t very mysterious. He’s also easy to work with.


Spanning all different types of media, I’m proud of what I’ve done for businesses big and small.


I’m easy to get a hold of. Phone, email, Skype, smoke signals.

What Does Your Business Need Help With?

More than 25 years of marketing and advertising experience put to work for you.


I started at a time when a waxer was used to build camera-ready artwork for printing. A lot has changed and it was really cool to see technology take the industry in a new direction.

Print isn’t dead.

A business’s front door should be a website. No matter what they do, they need their own identity and they need to own that. From just graphics to whole sites, my work as been all over the world.

It’s just a fad.

Everyone watches video these days. Look at YouTube. 2 billion logged-in monthly users. That just goes to show you that people want to be shown and told things through video. It’s everywhere.

Aaaaand, ACTION!

Whether in the air or on the ground, flat or full 360º, I love capturing the moment. From the days of rolling and developing my own film to the instant satisfaction of seeing your photo taken from 400 feet in the air, it has always been fun.

Say “Cheese!”

I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum when recording other people for voice-over or a podcast. Some sound like pros and some need a little coaching. The editing can be fun too.  Sometimes I have to get creative. You can ask me about those times.

Check one, two.

Do your customers see you as a professional? These companies have taken on a brand new persona with a new logo.


I’ve done work for all kinds of companies.
Here are some of the bigger ones.

NBC • Waterford Crystal • Hunter Douglas • New Jersey Lottery • AT&T • Land Rover • Sharp Electronics • Hasbro
Konica Minolta • JVC • Miele • Daussault Falcon Jet • Total Lubricants • Audible • Showtime Boxing • and more

Case Studies

Is there something here that piques your interest? Do you see something that you think may help bring more clients or customers to you?

MediaMix, Inc.

My 13 years of employement at MediaMix saw engineering a facility, video editing, audio production, live webcasts, photography, and much more.

Sierra Landscape Management

Creating video and print content for a high-end landscaping company.

Twin Green Traffic Signals

Two websites and a video that featured two different locations, drone footage, voice-over, animations, and editing.

Loose Gravel Films

If you’ve heard the story about Babe Ruth and hitting a homer for a sick boy, you haven’t heard the real story.

MSC Closing Services

It started with just a website redesign. Over time it included print, social media, and marketing material.

House Portraits

When your father has great talent and wants more people to know about what he can do, you do whatever he wants.

Demo Reels & Other Projects

My reels and some smaller jobs that don’t need an entire dissertation.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it. People actually do like my work.

Chris’ editing is just incredible. And the sound quality has been incredible. The technical details have been excellent.

Prof. Jeffrey Pfeffer

Graduate School of Business
Stanford University

Really nice finishing touches as well as the quality of the edits. Thanks so much for the exceptional work

Charles Levin

Munn Avenue Press

I love your creative vison, not to mention your fantastic to work with! Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance the past 16 + years.

Marnee Shuhart

MSC Closing Services/
Marnee’s Notary Service

Thanks Chris! Approved ..
The designs look great!

Anthony Chinni

PureDisc Media Corp.

All looks good. Let’s go live!

David Kerwin

Producer, Konk

Hey the site looks AWESOME man!
Nice job.

Brad Battista

Battista Residential Contracting

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