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You may be wondering how someone can know so many different areas of marketing. Well, I've worked in them all for many years.

I thought I'd want to design logos when I grew up.

Usually you find people who spent their entire lives working in one facet of media, whether that's print, web development, video production, photography, or wherever their passion lies. When I was about 16 years old, I thought I wanted to design logos when I grew up. Little did I know that my journey wouldn't end there. 1992 was the year it all started.

My first endeavor in the media was an ad agency that primarily focused on print at that time. I was working along side award-winning designers and generally great people, working on brochures, flyers, ads, and mailers for companies like AT&T, American Express, Lucent Technologies, and Sanofi-Aventis.

This was also at a time when the Internet was becoming a thing. We not only got email addresses for the first time, but the agency had built their own website. It was one of the first 500 websites ever to be put online. As the technology grew, I took it upon myself to learn more about the web and built my own personal website in 1997. Because of my education and my drive to go above and beyond, the ad agency would eventually put me in their interactive department. There, we'd not only build websites, but create online marketing material, like animated online ads and interactive presentations. Our bread and butter involved companies like Hasbro, The New Jersey Lottery, AT&T, and Jackson Hewitt. Later on as the agency did more TV and radio commercials, I developed an intranet system that allowed account managers to select TV and radio commercials that I could then assemble on DVD and CD for their new business pitches.

But like any good ride, this too came to an end. Business for the agency slowed down in early 2004 and my skills were no longer needed. But there was no time to rest.

That year, a college buddy and I partook in our own ad agency. With an online presence as a foundation, we develop marketing material for businesses big and small in the western New York area. Inclusion into our own marketing website along with photography, video production, print material, and live events, we had high hopes for building great marketing materials. Unfortunately, things don't always go as you planned.

In 2006, I started as an editor with a video production company. As the only full-time employee, I grew to fill many roles and develop more skills to keep clients happy. Back then DVDs were huge, so not only did I author DVDs for the videos we created, but I would engineer voice-over sessions, prepare the studios for shoots by setting up lighting, cameras, and sets depending on the needs of the production.

Sometimes, I was the studio manager for large productions for films or television commercials. Maybe I was the photographer for a fashion shoot one day and recording a doctor's script for a continuing medical education video the next. These included companies like Konica-Minolta, BMW, JVC, Total Lubricants, John's Hopkins, and Jim Henson Studios.

When the pandemic hit, the entire film and video production industry (along with the rest of the world) was put on hold for foreseeable future and my 14 years at the studio came to an end. But, I didn't feel right just laying around. A little depressed? Sure. But the search for work picked up again and I started with a local landscaping company as their media manager.

I took my video gear to job sites and documented progress. I would interview clients and get their feedback on how their project went. Blogs were written every week and posted to the company website. Social media posts provided educational and entertaining looks into what the company did and how they could learn more about getting their backyard revitalized. But, it wasn't something that was working for the owner and we parted ways.

It was at that point where I seriously started considering my next move into doing my own thing. I have the skills, I'm good with people, and I enjoy building marketing materials that help show their businesses off. Chris Sebes Design, LLC kicked off with virtual tours, video production, print production, website development, and photography. Although I'd been doing it for years, it was time to offer my skills to whomever needed it.

That's my history in a nutshell. Now that you see how someone CAN encompass so many forms of media, let me know what your needs are. I'm here to help you.


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