House Portraits

painting of a stone farmhouse with trees in the background

House Portraits by Sebes

Website / Print

House Portraits is a family matter. My father has been creating house and building renderings for many years, even during his extensive time as a high school art teacher. House portraits were not only for homeowners who wanted something beautiful to hang over their mantle. Utilizing the floor plans, a portrait of the home could be rendered before it the house was even built. In retirement he attends arts & crafts shows promoting his house portraits. To make sure everyone has the ability to see his artwork, a fair amount of marketing material was created.

The website was key in getting his artwork seen on a global scale. After all, there are people all over the world who have homes, know someone who has a home, and would enjoy having a hand-rendered portrait of their home for many others to enjoy. I started with a stunning watercolor painting of an old stone farmhouse as the hero image. Classic typography would lend a clean design to the unifying image. The site was eventually set up for e-commerce, allowing anyone to order a size and style of portrait, upload their photos, and pay for the work. Updated images were emailed to the customer for approval, then the portrait is packed and mailed to the customer.

Excellent job on the new website makeover.

Print materials make a great conversation piece, especially for crowds who attend arts and crafts shows. Business cards are a must. Using the stone house image, the business card displays the bold imagery on a thick card stock. For customers who express high interest in having work done, additional ammo is needed to close the deal. Rather than just handing over a business card and hoping that the potential customer visits your website or remembers what the art looks like, I created a large bi-fold brochure. It prominently displays the media variety and reminds them how to easily order their own portrait. Contact information is prominently shown as well. Lastly, a gift certificate was designed, allowing someone to present the gift to someone else who would be able to follow up and claim the portrait.

image of a business card
image of a brochure featuring an artist's house portraits
photo of a gift certificate