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With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.

My Reality Charters

Webiste for yacht owners who offer their boat for two, four, or six-hour chaters in New York & Florida.

Marnee’s Notary Service

After she sold her closing services company, I rebranded her site I’d previously built for her to save her time, money, and maintain look and feel.

Carolina Gunworks

Firearm repair and assembly company based in central North Carolina.

Twin Green Traffic Signals

Supplier of used and recovered traffic lights, parts, and equipment for individuals, municipalities, film/tv, and many others.

House Drawings

House portraits artists website, where orders can be placed.

Signature Closing Services

Website for a full-service closing and escrow company that has been serving all parts of New Jersey for over 15 years.

MediaMix Studios

Bergen County-based video production facility’s separate website promoting their studios.


Director/Cinemetographer website, showcasing some of their projects. (No longer active)

MediaMix, Inc.

Bergen County, New Jersey video production company’s website proting their production work.

GMS Electrical Contractor

Electrical contractor based in Berlin, New Jersey.

Your Pets in Pastels

Artist’s website for ordering portraits of your pet.

Music Lessons with Dustin

Music Instructor’s website for guitar, eukelele, piano, and mandolin lessons.

New York City Camera

Complete website redesign for this Brooklyn-based camera rental company based on the owner’s ideas.